Retail Meats
Wild Game

Must have accompanying tags on all meat.

2012 prices listed below are for informational purposes -

2013 prices will be posted as soon as possible or call with any questions.

Wild Game - Cut & Freezer Wrap:

Cut and freezer wrapped - $0.70 ($70.00 min charge)


Wild Game - Hang Only

Hang only - $5.00 day per animal (subject to avaliability)


Custom Grinding

Grind only - $0.35 per lb.

Grind and freezer wrapped - $0.50 per lb.

Beef fat included in price - other fat or additions / fillers extra



Pepperoni - $4.59 per lb green wieght (drying process returns aprox 50%)

For below orders - 5 lb min order - 5 lb increment orders only please

Hot dogs - $2.69 per lb

Japaleno hot dogs - $2.99 per lb

Salami - $2.89 per lb

Polish - $3.09 per lb


Meats Royale reserves the right to refuse service for any reason. If your

wild game is excessively dirty or rotten we will not process or hang.

Meats Royale is not responsible for game bags, coolers or other items if

you choose to leave with your game animal(s).

Prices subject to change. Please call for availability and prices.

All wild game left at Meats Royale after 30 days will be turned over to

Idaho Fish and Game.

Meats Royale is a proud sponsor of the PAL program of 2007 and 2006.

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